Scroppino recipe

Be original and surprise your friends and relationships even with a real scroppino. The real scroppino will not served from a bottle, blender or ice machine but is beaten by hand and is therefore a absolute eyecatcher for your event. 

This drink is made from high quality ingredients from Italy Venetian lemon ice, vodka and prosecco. You should always drink a real scroppino ice and ice cold. 

The scroppino is characterized by the fresh taste, tight white appearance and is surprisingly tasty. ' Once tasted, addicted for life ' is our experience. The scroppino is there for all ages and tastes like more.

We serve these surprising delicious cocktail as a drink from a mobile bar. The scroppino is perfect for company parties, fairs, receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries and marriage. Within a jiffy is the ice broken. 

Recipe for one scroppino

Scroppino ingredients
  • 120 gramms Italian lemon ice cream
  • 15 ml vodka 
  • 30 ml of prosecco
  • 1 scroppino tool kit (consists of a basin, garde and jug)
  • 1 champagne flute 
  • Add the lemon ice along with the vodka in the basin.
  • Beat with the whisk the vodka through the ice until a smooth emulsion.
  • Add the prosecco and the spatula gently through it.
  • Pour it over in the jug and serve it in a champagne flute.
  • Enjoy!


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